Thanks for that link. It is good to know that many people are becoming more aware cults, marketing, and the like. Much of what I found on Scientology
in the infancy of my search was exactly what your
article talked about, so was marketing for that matter. But I am extremely diligent, and I always look for both sides. In both my searches, the most resourseful places were our clubs!!! There is not much anyone can do to censor that information! yeah! There is an anti Scientology club and that is where I found reliable links, sources, and testimonials–just like in here. And in both instances, I found vast amounts of people
saying pretty much the same things–That many testimonials must be revealing the truth. ON both
topics I also found mounds of legal actions taken against both. Ahhhh, the internet is a sweet thing!!!!!! It is becoming harder for either, or anything like it to hide behind secrets. And you can bet that I will not be silent.
Thank you again, Ward

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