Ok, so here I go again!!!

This is what I get for being up so early—Infomercials!!!!!ICKY!!!!
Anyway, by now you all know that I am an information junky—that is RELIABLE information!
I don’t know what has been discussed about “money making 2000“–I couldn’t find anything in the club—-that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, but come on 10,000 messages!!!!yikes–I trid my best though!!!

Ok, back to my point(and there is one!)-Well, after being subjected to an infomercial by Don Lapre about “money making 2000”, I decided to do some research(go figure)! And it is suspiciously similar to—-you guessed it—an HM!!! There are some differences, but you know, if it quacks like a duck…..!Anyway here are some links for anyone interested. I personally found it interesting, and from reading what I have about it, He won’t be getting $40 bucks from me anytime soon!!!

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