Ok, so here I go again!!!

This is what I get for being up so early—Infomercials!!!!!ICKY!!!!
Anyway, by now you all know that I am an information junky—that is RELIABLE information!
I don’t know what has been discussed about “money making 2000“–I couldn’t find anything in the club—-that doesn’t mean it isn’t there, but come on 10,000 messages!!!!yikes–I trid my best though!!!

Ok, back to my point(and there is one!)-Well, after being subjected to an infomercial by Don Lapre about “money making 2000”, I decided to do some research(go figure)! And it is suspiciously similar to—-you guessed it—an HM!!! There are some differences, but you know, if it quacks like a duck…..!Anyway here are some links for anyone interested. I personally found it interesting, and from reading what I have about it, He won’t be getting $40 bucks from me anytime soon!!!


3) It’s not until the 3rd call that they tell you it’s Herbalife. During the same call they start really pouring it on and then they tell you that they’re going to teach you how to make $20,000 a month in the next 90 days or less. They get you all hyped-up and then tell you that you must “sign-on” first for $299 to get started. You still don’t know what you’ll be doing and won’t until several calls later.

4) You order signs, through outside venders however, I wonder what hidden relationship they have with these people since EVERYONE uses the same 2 or 3 sign makers and they are continuously promoted.
You MUST use Mailboxes Etc, not the Post Office so you can build a wall around your identity. Mailboxes cannot divulge personal information about you, the PO will because it’s public record. The 2 voicemail boxes are also through only one company because they download the same messages for EVERYONE! All the other materials like the Decision Package, CD’s, lead generation mailing labels, booklets, etc. are ordered from NWTW! Can’t do the system any other way!!!
Education Loan Consolidation
I have ALWAYS hated putting up signs but they bombard you with reasons why you’d better do the signs because they attract so much business!! I did them for about a few weeks and stopped because it I got tired of worrying about doing something illegal. I STILL have over 200 in my garage!!! Not to mention all of the Decision Packages I had to buy that I was never was able to get rid of or that were returned for a refund!!!

I can answer all your questions because

I was involved with Herbalife for over a year before i got involved with the Newest Way To Wealth. That is where my worst nightmare started and would up losing over $25,000!!

First off, read my other postings regarding the Newest Way To Wealth. Many of your questions will be answered.
1) Keeping in mind that this is a “system of duplication” everyone is taught by their upline  to do things the very same way. So putting up signs are a huge encouragment! Everyone is told that they must pick three methods of advertising from the list: newspaper ads, signs, business-card sized flyers, hot pockets (you make little paper pockets with double-sided tape on the back, put some of the business-card sized flyers inside and then stick them anywhere and everywhere!!), CD’s (contains the same material in the Decision Package 1 and
2)auto dialers and mailing lists. Most people pick signs, flyers or hot pockets and newspaper ads because they are the easiest to do.

2) EVERYONE KNOWS they are illiegal!! They even have an attorney out there doing them who has told everyone at the “trainings” not to worry about it because no one ever got arrested for posting signs”! They tell you that whenever you get a message from the County or Police Department (and you WILL) to just delete the message because they will never find you. Then they say to cool it in that area “for a while” and go back again later.


Thanks for that link. It is good to know that many people are becoming more aware cults, marketing, and the like. Much of what I found on Scientology
in the infancy of my search was exactly what your
article talked about, so was marketing for that matter. But I am extremely diligent, and I always look for both sides. In both my searches, the most resourseful places were our clubs!!! There is not much anyone can do to censor that information! yeah! There is an anti Scientology club and that is where I found reliable links, sources, and testimonials–just like in here. And in both instances, I found vast amounts of people
saying pretty much the same things–That many testimonials must be revealing the truth. ON both
topics I also found mounds of legal actions taken against both. Ahhhh, the internet is a sweet thing!!!!!! It is becoming harder for either, or anything like it to hide behind secrets. And you can bet that I will not be silent.
Thank you again, Ward